christopher why? did you not think of the repercussions? my whole life is in shambles right now because of this picture. “let me get my ass up” how bout you lay down and let me ride that dick wtf you mean. i literally don’t understand how one can be so damn fine. shit. SHIT. i’m so angry about this. i’ma go cry in the corner now cuz this don’t make no damn sense.

all I see are facts!!!

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I’m telling you.

Chris is baby-daddy paying 650 a month in child support on the fifteenth material.

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"Let me get my ass up!"

yeah come ova



God is so real

Chris looks so handsome

Hes trying make niggas pass out and shit

Just bless him


I’ll figure it out.
I always do.



The Walking Dead Meme: [2/20] Characters

Merle Dixon